Content is King

2008 December 3

Well I am so out of the sandbox it’s a joke, this is because of my high quality contnet.

There is a new saying in the SEO world now, thats says “Content is King

Remember that people, theres no point trying to fake it, make it don’t fake it ;)

Dougie said that that’s not true anyway but he’s lost all his SERPs so I’m starting to wonder if he really knows as much as he says he does.

Apparently Google called him up and asked for a truce because he has cracked their secrets, so he legally cant tell me all the good stuff anymore now.

He’s fretting though because he was doing real good with selling Vi&G3A on blogger profiles but lately all these damn spammers have been taking up the SERP and because he’s under an legal oath to Google not to give out their secrets he can’t wipe the floor with the spammers like before because they would all see what he was doing, and then Google would sue him.

All sounds a bit scary to me I think I might look for another SEO tutor luckily DP is stacked wall to wall full of experts, I just don’t know if I can afford them.

So hey soon I am going to release my new video (content) and about how to start blogging and make money on the internet, I don’t rank for internet marketing Ohio yet but with content like this it can’t be long. ;)

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