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2009 April 21

Is really quite somthing these days, I have been studying the inside of it carefully for days now.

My site indexing problem appears to have resolved it as you can see from the screenshots I have taken from WMT (what the pros call it ;) ) howver I am a little worried about the focus of the type of traffic I seem to be attracting..


..Then you can see the Big G’s insatiable spiderbots¬† (I envisage them like those spiders out of “Minority Report, do you? :) ) anyway they succumbed to the quality content here and just had to re-index me again and the traffic starts to flow..

hahaha “plug what” ? OMFG dude.

Then last week it really came back strong.

But as I said I am ever so slightly concerned that the traffic coming here is not my target audience of discerning Ohio Internet Marketing Professionels I am targeting here.

Really people what is it with the ass obsession? ..what do some of those things even mean? :)

..the name was supposed to be a joke you know, not like, define the blog’s whole purpose.

“Index my ass” though,¬† ..thats funny man that was me 3 weeks ago, aand “SEO edge on Crack” you have got to be kidding me that’s a great name, I wish I’d thought of it..

I am “the SEO edge on Crack dude, and don’t you forget it mofo!! “¬† :)

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