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2009 May 30

OK so firstly it’s time for the educational pahse of my blogging to begin whereby I will give my readers useful and intresting SEO tips each week to help you in your quest to make money online.

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This week I will share with you some of my favourite SEO forums, these are the places all “T3h R34L ExP3RtZ” are all hanging, and you can learn SEO by the bucketload there.


  • Digitalpoint of course. although the dumb noobs are starting to irate me a little now, I mean sheesh if you don’t what the Google sandbox is by now, ..but I suppose we all had to start somewhere.

For the moment that is all, although I am sure there are many more if you look.

Otherwise things are going well at Jack’s yard so I can soon afford to get into SEM by using Adwords on my blog to get traffic. I can already afford $8.75 per week and am sure that with that many clicks I will get at least one SEO client, watch this space for updates.

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2009 July 5

Hey! Nice to see people are mentioning us on their blogs. Came to check you out as saw an incoming link. What’s your member name?

2009 July 20
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thanks for the comment, I am “Optimize” on I havent been posting there much yet as I am still learning rather than advising at this point in my career.


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