2009 December 20
by admin

..Or “Arse” as my British friends would say (I’m British actually, my great granpappy came to the USA from Scotland originally)  But basically even though I burnt all that cash on my SEO Qualifications from Douggie at SEO4U over on DP, I have not had one single enquiry from my site for my troublues.

I am usually pretty unshakable in my conviction and my own abilitity but I have been seriously wonedering lately whether Inertnet Marketing is actyually my calling as I once thought. (I cannot even be bothered to do my 4 hours a day on DP keeping up with all the seo events and pagerank updates anymore either)

And when I look at my blog stats I can see  that mainly..

  1. I have NOT been making money online
  2. that the people who have been reading my blog are a bunch of perverts.

If I wanted to go into the *Pron* (have to mispell  it because I dont want the situation to deterate any further) business I would have made a good start with my Ohio Marketing Blog, just take a look at what the all pervs are looking for!

ass Now I believe I am fairly worldly-wise for my age but this ass obsession has taken over my website, I am not getting any traffic at all for Internet Marketing Ohio, and I am swamp-ass ed with ass traffic. (although not in the way Im sure some of these bandits are if you get my drift ;) )

There is nothing in my stats at all thats any use to me, (although my mom says “Number #7 and #9 would not be misrepresentation” but I need to look that up to see what she means I think she is just trying to be nice because I’m her son.

So anyway I’m feeling pretty bummed out about my seo carer right now..

BUT I met this guy at Jeff’s Bar who says he’s onto the next big thing and if we move quickly we can make a killing-  Real Estate.

I’ll keep you posted, maybe I’;ll do some real estate SEO while I am at it and double my market share :)

Take care for now


Oh and to my doubters, the same to you as my searchers..

“Suck my ass!” ;)

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