Hauling Ass

2010 April 2

Well I think I definitely need to change the name of the domain on my blog, I think I have the wrong “theme” and I don’t mean WordPress theme, I mean “Ass” theme..

If you look at the Google anal-ytics shot below you can clearly see that my make money online theme is tainted by the “Ass” interference (although again not in the way these bandits mean :) )

I mean WTF? “letting my wife” do what exactly dude ? you have a wife, and you want her to bang you in the ass with a strap-on, on the internet, for money? hahahaha – boy oh boy.

So I am going to need to haul ass and chnage my domain name for something a bit more Internet Marketing Ohio driven because these pervs are clearly distoring my stats with all their filthy searches.

Maybe I should turn this site into some sort of super Ass-traffic affiliate beast, but i dont think I could stand to look in my stats..

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