2011 February 16

So Alicia said I had to wait but this is way too cool inside info not to share an exclusve with my faithful reader and Swamp Ass drifterz

Alicia says “her people” have bought that old po*ny link system I heard Douggie (my SEO Master from DP) mention a lot, and completely recoded it into an awesome SEO “Domain analysis software” and she (Everess not Alicia) is built for “Domination” –  these servers dont go down.  haha not like the ladies on them anyway.. :)

cutting edge SEO domination – looks a bit complicated for beginners though..


I am assured the domination system has been completely re-coded top to bottom in identical code in every way to the old, on cutting edge flexible software, so there should be minimal learning curve, but I dont know, it looks pretty complicated to me.

But never fear, Bond is here :) – and there are also awesome are training vids.

Her core systems are hooked into the SEOMoz API!!

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