The Truth About Blogs

2011 April 29
by Alicia V - SEO Expert

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Ok - I’m going to share something else that not many people would be so quick to share. SEO consultants or companies… either don’t know about it… or don’t want you know You to know about.

Unless you are trying to establish yourself as some type of industry expert or industry celebrity For the audience you are targeting…

I would discourage you from attempting to make a blog that ranks for anything.

The only blogs I have ever seen on page 1 are celebrity type blogs like Matt Cutts.

People use blogs because they are quick and easy to set up and maintain. But blogs have basically zero chance of taking competitive terms in the search results because of their minor infrastructure

Even a blog that is a part of a major site rarely adds to the site’s value.

The bottom line is blogs are a hype factor that have lasted for a while here. But look at any top 30 results for any search term… and I don’t think you’ll find any blogs

Sorry to be a party spoiler… But that’s better than sending you in the wrong direction

to be quite honest… don’t be overly ambitious on ranking a blog. it’s pretty rare that you see a blog rank on page 1 for competitive keyword terms. actually… I don’t think I’ve ever seen one rank on page 1.

The problem with blogs is that they are not very customizable navigation wise that means future growth is going to be limited. it would be very difficult for a blog to technologically and structurally out run a custom website.

I don’t mean to be all negative about your project… but I believe it will help you to know that blogs are basically a dead-end.

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2011 April 30
Ted permalink

Hmm I’m not really sure how to take all this, it’s sort of as though you’re serious?

2011 May 1

I am totally serious, don’t think your going to get far with a blog. This would be more of a learning experience for you. Blogs don’t go far in the long run.

Actually, they don’t go very far period. People just use them cuz their eazy.

2011 May 4
Danny S permalink

I followed a search from V7N and found this, gotta say it’s a pretty funny spoof.

Im impressed the way you put so much work in at all the different forums to make it look real though, if slightly surprised an “SEO expert” has so much free time.

One question though, Alicia, do you have swamp ass? :)

2011 May 4
Jazz permalink

Im almost sorry it’s not for real, not so many jokers around to laugh at any more


2011 May 5

No Alicia doesnt have Swamp Ass, WE have Swamp ass.

2011 May 5

Do you seriously think any of these sites could have been built on a blog?

Again – It’s only worth it if you don’t know how to do any of these things and just want to get going. Some people have more money than time and for them it might be worth it.

But at the same time they should probably learn what they’re getting into because how can you manage what you don’t understand. I’ve seen it many times, business owners totally disconnected and struggling with their assets that they own but don’t understand.

2011 May 17

[...] one small doubt this has given me though is that my blog is now performing way better than Alicia’s blog advice siad it really should, but maybe it’s just because of The Net Vote – Google just cannot [...]

2011 May 25

Nice to be here,
just to say …the above comment :

That’s not me….who loved my site :D

2012 April 22

There is some truth here…
I know for me, I can add up all of my blogs and compare page views and earnings to my main site (which is not a blog), and it doesn’t come close to that particular website in earnings, traffic, etc.
I like non-blogs the best because I can customize each page differently and place my adverts exactly where I want them.
I think a lot of people choose blogs because it is easier to publish and more convenient, along with the beloved, interactive comment fields…

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