Ass Hat SEO?

2011 May 1

Recently I have noticed a trend of a lot of people making jokes about the type of hats SEOs are wearing.

I want to make it perfectly clear that “Ass Hat” does NOT equal “Crap Hat”

They donut mean actual hats but the color of the hat defins the type of SEO they do.

A funny one lately is “Crap Hat” :)

Seriosuly if you want yor “Ass well and truly Optimized” you should hire one of our inhouse expert SEOs – Alicia V and our latest find Roger Relevant

Alicia has already laid down insider info on an SEO factor nobody else knows about (although I am a bit suprised at her negativaty about blogs.

So now  I am thinking maybe I need to make the change myself to a custom website to get the kind of SEO performance I need for my discerning Internet Marketing audience here.

Roger Relevant SEO


So Roger is a bit difficult to understand sometimes but he is an SEO & coding genius and it is well known all geniuses can be difficult to work with sometimes so pls bear with him I am sure we will all learn lots of new and excting cutting edge stuff, especially about “relevence” for one thing..

PS. I think when he says “Wibble” he actully means “Widget”

See you all next time kiddies from Dwayne Alica and Roger.

Asshat SEO s over and out

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