Relevant Content is King!

2011 May 2

Man we are so lucky to have found 2 SEO genuses to breath a whole new lease of life into this place, in just a few days Alicia V & Roger Relevant have turned this my stats around completely.

We have gone from being a palce that only pervs with wierd Ass queries come to, to being an SEO & internent marketing blog I am so stoked, just check out my analytics now bro :)

ass guru

only a few stubborn ass wipes remain..

As you can see most of this traffic is down to Alicia V SEO expert and her awsome input but in an absolutely stunning dispalsy of SEO genius blowing away all previous research Roger  has proven for once and for all that:

Relevant Content is King

Roger has only gone and ranked an empty page for his name bro, thereby proofing;

if your Content is Relevant enough.. You Dont Even Need Any!

Wow man, deep :)

The one small doubt this has given me though is that my blog is now performing way better than Alicia’s blog advice siad it really should, but maybe it’s just because of The Net Vote – Google just cannot ignore my uber relevant contnet and ranks us anyway.

So if anybody is looking for expert SEO advice in the Ohio, Odessa Texas or Florida areas we have soo got the goods so get in touch.

Until next time from Dwayne and the SEO experts at Optimize My Ass

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