Swamp Ass – SEO Arse Kicking Contest!

2011 May 3
by admin
Swamp Ass

Alicia says she has these at $39.99

Ok kiddies now we are indeed kicking SEO Ass bigtime I saw a competion today on some dude’s blog and thought the Optimize My Ass team of SEO gurus would come and say “Hi” :)

Apparently only new domains are allowed but well as we are Ass Hat SEO specialists we might be able to get some consulting work from the pubicity anyway.

And as they picked my grandaddy’s favourite term “Swamp Ass” as the keyowrd, well I’m doing it for him. (note how I bolded the word this will help with my pagerank)- When granpops used to say it though he was talking about some girl he knew I think so I don’t know what the SEO competition mean, maybe it’s the same girl :)

anyway thats all for now we’ll see your swamp asses in the SERPs.

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2011 May 3

[...] taken over my website, I am not getting any traffic at all for Internet Marketing Ohio, and I am swamp-ass ed with ass traffic. (although not in the way Im sure some of these bandits are if you get my drift [...]

2011 May 17

[...] to wait but this is way too cool inside info not to share an exclusve with my faithful reader and Swamp Ass [...]

2012 April 22

Okay, this is the 3rd post I have read on this website, and I must say, y’all are kicking SEO ass! Ha! I’m digging this theme, especially with all the “optimized swamp asses” and “occupy my ass” proclamations. I hope you guys get all the ass, oops, I mean traffic you’re seeking. I’m sure this site will be getting plenty of organic backlinks for those big booty backsides, in due time… LOL!

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