Occupy My Ass!

2012 February 9
by Alicia V - SEO Expert

Just a quick note to show our solidarity with the #Occupy movement 

If you would like one of our funky Occupy my Ass T-shirts leave your name in the e-commerce cart (comments) here.

thanks – Alicia v – seo expert.

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2012 February 20

[...] – we have gone ahead and invested in more inventory and had these made, which are less about Occupying Ass and a bit more more in line with our mission here which is proper Ass hat SEO [...]

2012 April 9

[...] Ass occupation can play havoc with your circadian rhythms new research has found, (and getting it highly optimized can be painful too) [...]

2012 May 2

[...] SEO Hitler is pi$$ed because he over-occupied his ass and got it kicked by the Penguin, we’ve said it over and over again, optmizin’ [...]


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