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2014 January 9
Climb Online SEO

with Big Daddy Sugar's SEO co

Hey y’all..  so we had return after a nearly 3 year sabbatical to post about this amazing new SEO dude who has suddenly burst (climbed ? :) ) all over the online scene with the most excellent innovative business plan and new website that is sure to revolutionize the whole SEO biz for the rest of us..

Everybody (who has their finger on the seo-pulse) must already know about “Climb Online” the new “Apprentice SEO” company (backed by that dude who fucked up Totenham Hotspur soccer club back in the 90′s the British Lord Alan Sugar (-”Big Daddy” to his friends)

But you have to admit, even their logo is awesome and really gets their message across..

The sheer brilliance of the dude’s plan is that they sell these standard generic seo plans wholesale to hundreds of customers from £400 (Sterling GBP, – $600) through to like £3000 ($6000) a month, but then outsource all the work to Indians .. :) longtime SEO gurus we have to marvel at the genus in this and why we never thought about it before..

Of course as with any successful entrepreneurs (we have expereinced this for ourselves on Digitalpoint) there will be jealousy, and naysayers a plenty, with people saying things like “will climb online work”?  and Climb online –  clueless ? plus nonsense like “your SEO is useless give me back my money” ect.

there’s also funnies starting to  appear like and intrested amatur SEOs (not pros like us) with progress journals about Climb Online, and climb online blogs, but all of us here at Optimize My Ass have full faith in this dude because of his previous business and seo expereince and CV and wish him the best of luck in his quest to “Climb Online”

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2015 February 10

[...]  and BMW famously negatized themselves, and  from the look of the nasty spam links appearing to Climb Online they must also be under a sustained negging attack currently as only some sort of dweeb would point [...]


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