Ass Negged – Haz We Been Negative SEO ‘d ?

2015 February 7

Greetingz fellow optimizers.  Since 2011 we have been quitely dominating our SERP pages with our own version of Full Spectrum Online Dominance  (F-SOD) – but unfortunately our success has obviously been too much for some to bear, and they have applied Google’s new rules (simply link to your competeitors instead of yourselves to lower their rankings) to us!

Some @#wannabeseoclown has neg-link-wheeled us or something – see these..

we had our SEO contnet experts look over the wordy yet meaningless drivel the links are embedded into and they feel fairly certan that they have seen that style before, somewhere…

But anyway, no matter, all the successful SEO experts get negged all the time, you’re nobody until you have been negatory’d, MOZ were,  and BMW famously negatized themselves, and  from the look of the nasty spam links appearing to Climb Online they must also be under a sustained negging attack currently as only some sort of dweeb would point these links at his own domain..

Sanjay Climb Online Delhi Office Manager


Roger has now written a script that automatically Google disavows all links that he didnt spam himself, to combat our Negative attack, and then says he will be applying for the cleanup job at


…Because as he rightly says, if his pal Sanjay from the Delhi branch got in, but has since admitted  he may have gone a bit mad on the “Fiverrings” there, so theyre going to need DisAvowMagic (TM) bigtime.

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2015 April 11

Jealousy is a terrible thing, right?

I’m sure you knew how to combat it like a boss.

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